The Russel memorial library rolled out the red carpet for us this time. Upon entering I was led back to their private conference room which contained a projector, smartboard, large oval desk, and a dozen plush office chairs. The library also had a public Wi-Fi network. The members in attendance were Drew, Bodacious (Brody- THAT’S ME), and Shifty Lab (J.P.)

We started off the meeting strong by discussing how crazy 3-D printers are getting and how they have been disrupting almost every industry. It was also mentioned how great tech can be used for more nefarious reasons like printing off firearms (google Cody Wilson)

J.P.  and Drew both worked with the NMCI on various military installations around Norfolk and went on to discuss the pros and cons of government work, technical assessments vs GRC (governance, regulation, and compliance) management, and how a certain commander on a base somewhere demanded that all network cables be 36″ apart.

Types of Linux-based OS for use- like if you’re a masochist you’d enjoy ARCH; whereas if you’re a total armature (like myself) you’d probably enjoy Ubuntu. But there are many others to choose from such as Kali, Redhat, Mint, and Parrot.

DEFCON AUG 8-11th Most villages, vendors, and teams upload their content to YouTube; however, the Sky Talks are the only unrecorded events that occur during the DEFCON meetup. Drew and his team will be there during their annual meetup and will happily bring back what they learned during the August meeting.

We closed out our session with some fun James Bond-esque espionage stories surrounding the  Stuxnet computer virus that was used to attack Iran’s nuclear program in November 2007

  • Next meeting- Drew is bringing his training rig for CTF challenges and what he learned at DEFCON. Members are encouraged to bring their laptops and projects for the “show-and-tell” period at the beginning of each meeting.

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